Feeling a bit curious?

Weather Data:

To get the data regarding the weather I'm using the API provided by Open-meteo.

Sky Color and Skyline Photo:

To get the approximate color of the sky as well as the picture of the skyline I'm scraping NSKYC.

Data Handling and Storage:

Open-meteo is queried and NSKYC is scraped once per hour. This is all handled by an AWS Lambda function. The data returned by the Lambda function is then stored in an AWS S3 bucket for easy access.

Spotify Integration:

The data from Spotify is handled in a similar fashion. I use a Lambda function to refresh the token that allows me to access Spotify's API. The token expires every hour. The new token is stored in another S3 bucket. The app uses the token to query Spotify's API and retrieves my top five artists.

Tech Used:

This app is built using Next.js, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS.

The app itself is hosted by Vercel.

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